Student protests in Italy in search of a ‘better future’

Some do not know or attend the same classes but are united by one thing. Everyone considers that the feeling of learning is not the same at home. They see themselves as the ruling class of the future and think that the government is not doing enough to protect schools.

“The reason we are not inside our schools and we sit on the floor outside is because there is not enough space. The classrooms are too small and we cannot go back to school safely. It is a big problem because avoiding the Investing in education and not making it a priority means not having a long-term vision, not understanding what the future is about. Because we represent the future of this country, “says student Valeria Cigliana.

The students endorse the so-called ‘climate strike’ and share the idea that young people have the power to change things.

“We want a better future and we are totally convinced that we can achieve it through education and thanks to a new study model”, adds Valeria Cigliana.

“What they miss the most is being able to talk to each other or just get together. This is now the students’ own battle as the teachers have not joined in their latest protests. They consider that they should have been by their side although they understand that they did not. understand what it feels like to not be able to go to school, “says Euronews Italy correspondent Giorgia Orlandi.

Some students are very concerned about work that has been missed by not having the opportunity to attend class in person.

“I feel that we have so many gaps in our learning … Even I have them myself. I don’t think all of this is fair. I think it is a disadvantage and not only for the students but also for the teachers,” says student Elisa Fiorentino.

History repeats itself throughout the entire country. Italian students attend class on the street.

“We are aware that we cannot attend classes in person but we also know that the government has not invested enough in providing distance classes appropriately. Education has to be at the center of the political agenda. The money has to be spent. from the recovery fund on that, “concludes student Simone Giglio.

In other European countries they have ruled out the closure of schools and have chosen to increase restrictions. In Italy, the authorities have not bet on it. It is not yet clear how they intend to address the issue in the recovery plan drawn up by the government.