The United Kingdom shoots up its military spending with an eye on the wars of the future

Great Britain and France are the two European countries that spend the most on Defense. In many foreign operations, the French and British have worked hand in hand, but cooperation may decline with the UK outside the EU. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that an Army with more and better resources is the key to having more influence in the world:

“Britain tipped the scales of history and did the world immense good. Now we have the opportunity to carry on this great tradition, to transform our military, strengthen our global influence, to raise the bar, to protect our people and to defend the free societies in which we fervently believe, “Johnson said in a televised message.

Over the next four years, the British Government will increase its annual Defense budget by 10%, adding a total of € 18 billion more to the Army’s coffers. It is about renewing equipment and, above all, preparing for modern warfare. A newly created Space Command will launch its first rocket in 2022 and a National Cyber ​​Force will defend networks from computer attacks:

“We need the armed forces to be able not only to quickly identify who the perpetrator and the state behind it, but also to counterattack and that is where the US has developed very good capabilities, and the UK clearly wants to be as good or almost as good. as good as the Americans, “explains Defense analyst Elisabeth Braw.

Even Boris Johnson’s political opponents in Labor support the investment, saying it was long overdue. His co-religionists believe that he will give a necessary boost to the traditional alliance with the United States. Much has been argued about whether Johnson will be able to build a good relationship with President-elect Joe Biden after reaching out to his predecessor. This investment, which also boosts NATO’s capabilities, should help.

“The Americans have long been concerned about the lack of European military capability. The UK and France have always been the best in this area, so the UK will continue to be an outstanding student,” continues Elisabeth Braw.

With what will be its largest defense investment in the last 30 years, the United Kingdom will clearly head the list of military expenditures among European countries and will be placed second in the Atlantic Alliance, after the American colossus.