Pompeo, first US secretary, to visit an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank

New challenge from the Trump Government to the UN in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Accompanied by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted after his visit to an Israeli colony in occupied Palestinian territory. Some illegal colonies according to international law and condemned by several UN resolutions.

But the United States has another point of view.

“For a long time, the State Department had a misconception about the settlements, it did not recognize the historical importance of these places. And from now on, the United States Department of State is totally in favor of their recognition, which must be done legally, appropriately and properly. “

A position that is not a surprise since the Trump administration’s peace plan for the region contemplated the annexation of a large part of the colonies of the West Bank, occupied by Israel since 1967, by the Hebrew state.

Pompeo, who is the first US secretary of state to visit a colony, landed in Psagot, outside Ramallah. And it so happens that they are Palestinians, with American nationality, since they emigrated there, the owners of the lands in which part of the Jewish colony of Psagot is located.

Theft of private property

“Their actions are facilitating the theft of private property of US citizens abroad,” they condemned in a joint statement, before the first visit of a high US official to an illegal settlement.

Some of these owners gathered at the local sports club to claim their property rights over the lands confiscated by Israel where the colony, the vineyards and the winery that Pompeo visited, have spread.

Mounif Traish, a member of the Al Bireh municipal council, showed a list of the names of some fifty Palestinians with inherited property rights, even issued by the Israeli military body that administers the territory, occupied since 1967, now he feels betrayed.

“I am very angry, very disappointed. I think Pompeo is committing a crime against international law, against all values ​​and against the amendments to the US Constitution.”

In violation of another international resolution, the United States will now recognize as Israeli products all those that come from the settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. And Pompeo was able to celebrate it with a wine with his name, made in Israel for the US, but not for the European Union.