United Kingdom advances to 2030 the ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel cars | Society

Hi. This Wednesday we learned that the United Kingdom advances to 2030 the ban on selling gasoline and diesel cars. In Spain….
Meanwhile, the sale of SUVs or SUVs, those larger vehicles that generally pollute more, has tripled in just five years and they are already almost half of the cars that are registered in Spain, as I tell in this report.

This year’s hurricane season continues to break records: if last week the 2005 figure was surpassed by Cyclone Theta, these days we are seeing the passage of a new destructive meteorological phenomenon in Central America. Iota is advancing through the Caribbean, through areas devastated by the also recent hurricane Eta, and has already devastated and flooded Nicaragua, among other countries. As pointed out Victoria Torres, with Iota it is already the first time, since there are records, that there are five consecutive years with category 5 hurricanes (the maximum). And, unfortunately, it seems that the bad news will continue: on the horizon the arrival of Cyclone Kappa is looming in the same area.

Regarding biodiversity, we have investigated about the ‘ghost nets’, a consequence of the rudimentary fishing that takes place off the African coasts that affects the Mediterranean loggerhead turtles, which become entangled and can die. Carlos Garfella points out that in the Balearic Islands they have rescued 85 specimens just this year. Meanwhile, former US President Barack Obama explains firsthand how he attended a climate summit in Denmark promising his daughter that he would protect tigers from humans. And a curious subject about animals in empty Spain: Ecology teacher Cristina Herrero settled in a town with her three children and had it very easy to get internet via satellite, but she lived a real bureaucratic odyssey to buy two sheep to clear her yard. He writes it in this article in the first person.

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The United Kingdom advances the ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel cars to 2030

Further, Nacho Sánchez brings us closer to the tensions in the Malaga countryside as a result of the avocado and mango plantations. While farmers in the area request new infrastructures to increase irrigation, environmentalists assure that the situation is already unsustainable.

At Vida Eco we talk about the importance of reusing clothes and an expert teaches us how to transform a jacket into a bag step by step.

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