The destructive hurricane Iota hits the northern Caribbean of Nicaragua. Follow their evolution live

The monster has landed in Nicaragua. Hurricane Iota has already started to wreak havoc in the northern Nicaraguan Caribbean. Although it reached category 5, the highest that exists, it has made landfall with level 4 and sustained winds of 250 kilometers per hour.

The first images of Puerto Cabezas are impressive. Hurricane force winds uproot roofs and trees. Iota hits the region just two weeks after the devastating passage of Hurricane Eta.

It was already destroyed a few days ago by Hurricane Eta and is now rebuilding. That is, double destruction. It is the fifth hurricane that I have seen in my life and this is one of the strongest and most destructive hurricanes that we have seen. I’m going to leave it there because the wind is getting stronger … “says a neighbor of Puerto Cabezas, while the intense wind and rain force him to shelter in his house.

Iota has entered the south of Bilwi, the poorest, most vulnerable and forgotten region of Nicaragua, inhabited by Miskito indigenous people, and is heading for the so-called Mining Triangle, causing power cuts, flooding and uprooting roofs and trees.

Follow your evolution live

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Around 40,000 people have been evacuated from the impact zone and taken in shelters, churches and the homes of family and friends. They fear for their life, but they also fear to go home and have nothing left.

In its latest update, the US National Hurricane Center explains that the storm is rapidly weakening but that sea surges, catastrophic winds, floods and landslides are expected in parts of the Central American region.

Iota devastates the Colombian island of Providencia

Iota has already devastated the Colombian island of Providencia, in the San Andrés archipelago. According to Colombian President Iván Duque, 98% of the infrastructures are destroyed of this island, inhabited by about 5000 people, to which rescue services have not yet arrived.

Honduras prepares for “terrible devastation”

Meanwhile, in Honduras they clench their teeth and evacuate in forced marches. With the country seriously injured in the wake of Eta, authorities have warned that Hurricane Iota could cause “terrible devastation.” The Honduran President, Juan Orlando Hernández, has told the population that the first thing will be “save life”.

On the streets of La Lima, in Honduras, you can still see the rubble left by the floods of the Eta storm. Its inhabitants prepare for the worst with the arrival of Iota in the next few hours.