The duende does not stop because of COVID-19 Happy International Flamenco Day!

In times of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Fortea professional dance conservatory of Madrid He has managed to continue celebrating International Flamenco Day.

As it was very difficult to bring the students together to record one of their traditional videos, the conservatory has used the archives of the previous videos. Many of them went viral for their originality.

The first year they showed us how flamenco integrates into everyday life. Then they showed us what contagious what was it. More than the virus. And last year they insisted that flamenco is an art for everyone, without distinction, which belongs to everyone.

This year the motto is precisely that the goblin does not stop! The duende is the creative mystery of flamenco, the magic that occurs when artists sing, dance or play an instrument. A “mysterious and ineffable charm”, according to the Royal Spanish Academy. Even in the palms there is a goblin.

And that is precisely what they emphasize from the Fortea dance conservatory. That despite the regrets of this 2020 full of difficulties, that mystery and magic of flamenco does not stop.

The director of the Fortea Professional Dance Conservatory, Virginia Domínguez, explains that “the great Federico García Lorca, in love with Flamenco, wrote in 1933, Game and Theory of the Duende, where he defined the duende as ‘the hidden spirit of sore Spain’. And that is precisely what we want to convey with our video this year, that that spirit, that strength, is there and that, although we are living through a devastating pandemic surrounded by uncertainty and suffering, the energy of the flamenco duende helps us move forward and not decline. . Don’t let the goblin stop! It is our way of saying that we will succeed ”.

To celebrate this, in addition to publishing the video, the conservatory has appointed bailaor Eduardo Serrano “El Güito” godfather of the fourth class of flamenco dance students in an act in which the dancers Antonio Canales and Antonio and Manuel Reyes were present.

At the event, the essential figure of “El Güito” was remembered, a “teacher of teachers” according to Antonio Canales who must be studied and revisited.

In addition, the students have danced -with masks- in an act relayed in streaming because the sanitary measures do not allow to welcome public.

The Fortea professional conservatory is the only one in Madrid that grants the professional title of flamenco dance. His students have made other videos to support Madrilenians and Madrilenians during confinement in the #ResisteMadrid initiative

The International Flamenco Day is an initiative to remember the inclusion of this art as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in Nairobi on November 16, 2010.

This tenth birthday of the declaration is somewhat clouded by the pandemic, but the flamingos tell us Ole! And that the goblin is not stopped by a pandemic.