COVID-19 is a “health coup” devised by “Satan” according to Radio Maria Italia

The director of the Catholic radio station Radio Maria in Italy, unleashed on COVID-19. Livio Fanzaga considers that it is “a project destined to weaken humanity, bring it to its knees, establish a health and cyber dictatorship, create a new world that is no longer Creator God, by eliminating all those who do not say yes to this project criminal carried out by the elites of the world, with the complicity perhaps of some State “. Everything to create “the world of Satan” reports the Italian agency ANSA.

“This epidemic is a plan of the devil that through criminal minds prepares a health coup or the media,” he added.

This is how Fanzaga has described the coronavirus pandemic, who made these comments on November 11 in his program “Christian reading of the chronicle and history”, in a speech that is giving a lot to talk about among Italians.

The objective of this “project”, according to the priest, would be “to build a new world without God.” Satan’s world. Where we would all be zombies. It is a project, not an aerial thing. In my opinion, they would like to achieve it by 2021. “

“On a religious level, it has already been said that the pandemic does not come from God. From the human point of view, we did not want to enter the place where this epidemic comes from,” he argued, “I insisted that China has tested a technobiological weapon , which would be prohibited, but China has not signed the Geneva Convention. “

According to Don Fanzaga, “this epidemic is a project that I have always attributed to the devil that acts through criminal minds that have carried it out with a precise purpose: to create a sudden passage, after ideological, political and media preparation, to a health or media coup “. Finally, as for the election in the US of the new president Joe Biden, this, for the director of Radio Maria, would be “the icing on the cake.”

Like many conspiracyists and deniers, Fanzaga mentions Bill Gates as one of the possible brains in his argument, full of more or less fanciful and unfounded accusations.

The comments of the director of one of the most influential radio stations among the Catholic population, implanted in different antennas around the world, have caused a great stir in Italy, which is currently facing a resurgence of the pandemic after a few more months quiet.

This volley from Father Fanzaga is very far from the official line of Pope Francis and the Vatican, which is limited to asking world leaders and citizens to take advantage of this crisis to reflect and correct the course towards a more just world, without entering into conspiracy theories.