Armenian families bury their dead in pain and rage

Tombs and more tombs. The Armenians continue to bury the fallen in the 44 days that the conflict with Azebaijan lasted for the separatist enclave of Nagorno Karabakh. **The human losses are enormous. **

The official figure stands at 2,317 casualties, but it is far from final. Most were young soldiers.

“We don’t stop. It’s a disaster.”says a gravedigger at the Yerevan military cemetery.

“The politicians should have done something to prevent this”

Artak Yenoqyan was 20 years old. His parents cry by the grave. The pain is even greater because they are convinced that this disaster could have been avoided.

“(Artak) was brave, determined and strong remembers his mother. I am against the war. I think it should have stopped from the beginning. Politicians should have done something to stop this. They are supposed to be prepared to handle situations like this. “

How many deaths did the conflict leave behind? Families look for their loved ones

There are still unidentified bodies and others have not yet returned home, as the exchange of bodies between the parties continues, which began last week. Russian President Vladimir Putin said last Friday that the conflict left 4,000 dead, between civilians and soldiers from both sides, and more than 8,000 injured.

Families go to an office of the Ministry of Defense in search of news of their children, nephews or brothers. The influx is continuous, which raises fear that there are more deaths than estimated. They say they don’t lose hope that they will turn up alive.

Zaruhi is looking for her son, whom she has not heard from for almost a month.

“He was mobilized for a year and four months. He had to have returned in June -he points-. If the oligarchs hadn’t stolen for the past 30 years, bought weapons and strengthened the country, our children would not have died“.

The exile of Armenians in Kelbajar continues: burn to leave nothing to the enemy

While the deceased are buried in Yerevan, in the Kelbajar region the massive exile of Armenians continues. They burn their houses before they leave. They don’t want to leave anything to the enemy.

Azerbaijan has given the Armenian population ten more days to leave these lands, nestled between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. This region, as well as about 30% of the territory of Nagorno Karabakh, has to come under the control of Azerbaijan before December 1, according to the agreement signed on November 10 with Russian mediation.

The defeat is very bitter for the Armenians.

“I think it is a waste that my son has been murdered, but I will never say it, because for me he is a martyr, someone who died for his country”, sums up the mother of a deceased young man.

Meanwhile, in Armenia the serious political crisis unleashed after the signing of the “painful” agreement continues.